The “Gritty” Onesie (Black)


Art History 101‘s “GRITTY” T-shirt. Philadelphia’s newest Representative is “GRITTY” the Flyers Mascot. Gritty hopped on the scene a few days ago and became an instant social media trending topics. Social Media is having mixed feeling about the mascot. Some love Gritty and others just aren’t really sure what Gritty is. Which in all has made for a ton of Meme’s posted onto the internet. Gritty is a furry, Muppet-like creature with big creepy eyes wearing a flyers uniform. Gritty gives off the impression of an underdog which is typical Philadelphia style. As you know Art History 101 is a Philly based streetwear brand and we can already see Gritty becoming a staple in the city just by our supporters getting at us to make a Gritty design.

The Gritty Onesie is available only in black and in sizes Newborn, 6months, 12months, 18months and 24months.

Also comes in a 2T, 3T, and 4t kids tee shirt.

Return: 30 Days

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